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Administrative and Professional Dev't Days

July 16, 2022

All schools in Manitoba are given 10 Professional Development and Administrative Days each year to be used for administrative purposes such as Parent Teacher and Student-led Conferences and for professional development opportunities for teachers. Eight of these days are determined by the division and two are decided at the school level. 

On these days, there is no regular school for students. Families will be reminded of these days in the newsletter, our Parent Handbook as well are posted here. 

2022-2023 Non-Instructional School Days 

September 06 (Drop-In and Meet the Teacher between 1:30-3:00 pm  )

September 19                                                                                       download-4.png

October 21

November 18 (Parent-Teacher Conferences)

February 03

March 17 (Student-Led Conferences)

April 14

May 01

June 16

June 26

The last day of school for this calendar year is June 30, 2023 

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