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Student Resources

May 14, 2021

Use the resources and sites listed below for ideas, activities, or extra practice in different subjects.


Math Frog - Math FROG is a website of free mathematics, fun resources, and online games for grades 4, 5, and 6 students. Teachers and parents are welcome, too!

Johnnie's Math Page - Johnnie's games and activities are divided into grades (1-6) and subjects.

Graphing (Early Years)

ICT Games - Math - Free downloadable/printable math worksheets with French instructions. Answer sheets available, too!


English Language Arts 

ICT Games - English Language Arts



Free Rice  - Developed by the United Nations World Food Programme, Free Rice allows players to answer vocabulary questions and donate food to countries in need through correct answers.


Je lis, je lis, littératie


Sam Amuse - Learn or practice French vocabulary while playing games and watching videos.

Pepit - Des exercices éducatifs pour tous.

Taka t'amuser - Une sélection de jeux éducatifs pour tous les âges.

Carrefour éducation - French web resources and videos designed for preschool, primary, and secondary teachers to use with their students.

SnowClass - Fun math and language games en français.

Logiciel Educatif - Online educational games en français.

lasouris-web - Répertoire de sites éducatifs pour les élèves du préscolaire et du primaire.
OrthoLUD - Jeux et exercices en ligne, apprendre le français en s'amusant.

Favourite Authors - Auteurs Préférés

Elise Gravel - Free printable activities.

Mo Willems

Jarett Lerner - Free downloadable activity sheets.


Mrs. Dyck's YouTube Channel - Check-in here with Rose the Counselling Dog and to hear stories from Quiet Recess. 

Movement/Physical Education

GoNoodle - A website and YouTube channel designed to get kids moving with fun and interactive videos.

Cosmic Kids Yoga - Yoga tutorials on YouTube.

General Learning at Home

List of Educational Sites

Smithsonian National Museum for Natural History

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