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ELSS Traffic Plan

September 8, 2023

École Laura Secord School and our Parent Advisory Council would like to remind everyone of Safe Drop Off and Pick Up Zones for motor vehicles at the school. Signage on Ruby, Lenore, and Wolseley indicate safe zones and parking and traffic restrictions. Please support our school community to stay safe by following the plan outlined below.

Ruby: Designated motor vehicle Drop Off / Pick Up Zone

Drivers may proceed northbound on Ruby from Palmerston to drop off/pick up students, and may do so in the designated zones beside the school on the east side of Ruby. 

1. Use the zone like a queue: Wait behind vehicles in front of you until they advance.

2. Do not pass vehicles ahead of you in the queue.

3. If you are at the head of the queue and your student is not present: drive forward, turn west on Wolseley, south on Lipton to Palmerston, and return to the end of the queue.

4. Students should only enter or exit the vehicle on the passenger side.

5. Once vehicles in front of you have passed the zone, you may proceed north on Ruby. 

Lenore: Buses and accessible access only

It is illegal for drivers to turn south onto Lenore or proceed south on Lenore from Wolseley. Only school buses may travel south on Lenore to drop students off at the Lynx Gym doors. There will be no safe drop off/pick up zone for students on Lenore. Exceptions remain for those who require accessible access: please contact the office to confirm location. Do not travel northbound on Lenore from Palmerston to drop off or pick up.

Wolseley: Drop Off / Pick Up not permitted

Safety reminders

1. U-turns and three-point turns are not permitted on Lenore or Ruby
2. It is illegal to drive or park on the boulevard.
3. If you must leave your vehicle, park legally and walk your children to school.

Please direct all questions and comments to the school's administration.

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