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Terry Fox Run

September 27, 2022
Je cours pour...

2022-2023 school year

Terry Fox at École LaVérendrye

This Friday, September 23rd, at École LaVérendrye, we are having multiple events planned in honor of Terry Fox.

Along with our classroom activities and the shoes to decorate that were sent home, the whole school is having a community walk down Lilac St. and returning to school on Wentworth (more details on the Google Form). This will happen in the afternoon during class time. We are not accepting donations, but if you would like to donate to Terry's cause, here is the link to do so:

Running Club will also be having a Terry Fox event on Friday where our goal is to run as far as possible as a team at lunch. Terry ran 42km each day, so our goal is to run 42km. Each lap around the school is 0.5km. However, we will quickly get there because of how many students are in Running Club. Therefore, when we achieve 100km, M. Carter will get 2 pies in the face. Every 50km after that, M. Carter or another staff member will get a pie or two in the face. If we get to 250km, there will be 12 pies in total for the teachers!

We thank you for everyone's support and participation for Terry Fox Day!

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