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Academics & Classes

November 8, 2023 News Story
October 2021

2023 - 2024 École LaVérendrye Staff

PrincipalMme Amanda Capina

Nursery/Kindergarten AM
Mme Anna Zmit
Nursery/Kindergarten AM, Nursery/Kindergarten PM
Mme Elena Carty
Grade 1
Mme Amanda Turenne
Grade 1/2Mme Toni Olson
Grade 2/3M. Murray Carter
Grade 2Mme Haley Rudnicki-Smith
Grade 3/4Mme Carly Gallant
Grade 4/5M. Olivier Bassène
Grade 5/6Mme Chelsea Bailey
Grade 5/6Mme Sylvie Lavallee
Physical EducationM. Paul Boateng
MusicM. Philip Palsson
ResourceMme Jennifer Allary

Support Staff
Head ClerkTBD
Education AssistantMme Catherine Podolsky
Education Assistant
Mme Paisli Sarasin-Penner
Education Assistant
Mme Reeza Rojas
Lunch Program SupervisorMme Maxine Reid

Head CustodianM. Ronald Lerit
Night CleanerM. Gary Gonzales
Evening CleanerMme Keragh O'Donnell


"What is the difference between 'French Milieu' and 'French Dual Track"?

French Milieu offers all Nursery subjects in French. This includes Art, Music and Physical Education.

In a French Dual Track school, Nursery class is taught in English. When they reach Kindergarten, it will be their first time being introduced to the French language.

"What is the difference between 'Early French Immersion' and 'Late French Immersion"?

Early French Immersion students start learning French in Nursery/Kindergarten. 

Late French Immersion students start learning French starting in Grade 7.

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