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Room 205

July 20, 2022

Welcome to our Grade 4/5/6 classroom!

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Program Overview - Room 205 – Ms. Luhowy

Grade 4/5/6

2018-2019 School Year

Hello and welcome to Room 205! I am so excited to begin my third year of teaching at Pinkham School! In this overview you will find a brief description of our learning areas for this school year as well as expectations for students.

Areas of Learning

English Language Arts

  • Guided Literacy groups focused on specific reading and writing skills and taught in a small group setting
  • Literature Circles in which students will have the opportunity to work collaboratively as group in reading, analyzing, and reflecting on a variety of texts
  • Read to Self – Students will have time daily for independent reading. This time is crucial for students to develop and practice reading strategies, increase stamina, and foster a love of reading.
  • Writers Workshop will consist of mini lessons followed by independent writing time for students to develop their skills as writers using the 6 + 1 traits


  • Thinking Classroom – Students will work in randomly selected collaborative groups on problem solving using vertical surfaces (ie. Whiteboards)
  • Guided Math – Students will meet with the teacher in small focused groups to learn and practice specific skills
  • Dreambox will be integrated in the classroom and individualized for students by adapting the curriculum to each student's needs.
  • Games for learning – Math-based games will consistently be integrated to provide a variety of meaningful, independent practices centred on the standards of the curriculum objectives and students' individual needs.


  • Through inquiry-based lessons and activities, students will develop the skills and attitudes involved in scientific inquiry and the design process. These include areas such as formulating questions for research, identifying problems to solve, carrying out a fair test, and draw conclusions.

Social Studies

  • Through inquiry-based lessons and activities, students will develop skills in the areas of active citizenship, managing information and ideas through informed research, critical and creative thinking, and communication.


  • The Second Step program teaches students to respond to others with empathy, manage strong feelings, and solve problems.
  • Family Life Education is a large part of the health curriculum and a letter will be sent home when it is being covered in the classroom.

Other Important Information


  • The Elementary Assessment Program (EAP) will begin in September and continue until the end of October. This assessment helps to distinguish each student's strengths and next steps as they start a new school year and throughout their learning journey.
  • Assessment is ongoing and a measure of growth over time. Students will consistently be asked to self-assess and reflect on their learning. They will be provided with feedback to ensure growth and success.

Field Trips

Field trips will be integrated in our learning throughout the year and may be used as an introduction or wrap-up to an area of study. Field trip information will be provided to families two weeks prior to the trip.


Being at school every day is crucial to your child's academic and social-emotional success. If your child is sick or unable to attend school, please call the office!


C.A.R.E. is the foundation of our school's culture. Each and every person at Pinkham School is asked to follow the C.A.R.E. principles:

C – Come Prepared to Learn

A – Actively Listen

R – Ready to Participate and Inquire

E – Everybody Belongs


If at any time you wish to have a conversation about your child's learning, please call the school at (204) 786-5749 or email me at

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