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Grade 4/5/6 - Mr. Kennedy - Room 205

March 13, 2024

Welcome to Room 205 Grade 4/5/6!

My name is Ryan Kennedy, and I am the teacher who will guide our class through the year of learning and growth. I believe that doing, creating, questioning, and collaborating are essential to the learning process, and this will shape what our year of learning looks like.

To ensure that we are working within a safe and effective learning environment, we will create a classroom that CAREs (Come prepared to learn, Actively listening, Ready to participate and inquire, and making sure Everybody belongs)

Our daily reading program will focus on developing individual reading skills and habits and then sharing the reading experience in small literacy circles. Individual work will include small group instruction on decoding and comprehension skills and daily independent reading. Literacy circles will allow classmates to experience stories together and discuss meanings and learnings that can be taken from the text. The stories we read will come from a wide range of authors and genres to help appreciate a variety of messages and perspectives.

The goal of our writing program is for students to communicate effectively with the audience around them through a variety of media such as stories, scripts, presentations, podcasts, newsletters, or any form that they can create meaning in. Our daily writing program will involve small group work on phonics and phonemic awareness to keep the writing consistently clear.

We will explore math topics with weekly investigations and group tasks. New topics will be introduced with student-led discovery and concluded with teacher-guided consolidation of findings. After each topic has been investigated, there will be plenty of practice to reinforce new skills and build understanding.

Our science and social studies inquiries will guide us through several topics including maintaining a healthy human body, simple forces and machines, flight, sound, and an early history of our land and peoples up to the confederation of Canada. There will be many opportunities for our class to do experiments or create things to experience and then record our observations and conclusions. Ideas will be discussed through many perspectives and will honor different voices.

Health discussions throughout the year will emphasize social and emotional learning through the C.A.R.E. model. Topics of study will include family life, stress and stress management tools, a look at the impacts of social media using Kids in the Know, and the impacts of substances on the human body.2

If you have any questions throughout the year, you can always chat with me after school or call the school at 204-786-5749.

Looking forward to working with you and your families!

Ryan Kennedy


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