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Physical Education - Ms. Sawchuk

March 18, 2024


Welcome to Physical Education at Pinkham School! My name is Mrs. Sawchuk and I will be the physical education teacher this school year. We have a lot of fun inside the gym and play many different games and activities that will improve your child’s fundamental movement skills. The physical education curriculum content is organized within the following five general learning outcomes: movement, fitness management, safety, personal and social management, and healthy lifestyle practices.

Students will be assessed on their competency in selected movement skills, and knowledge of movement development and physical activities with respect to different types of learning experiences, environments, and cultures, and their ability to develop and follow a personal fitness plan for lifelong physical activity and well-being. My goal as a physical education teacher is to create an environment that promotes children to adopt a healthy lifestyle by being physically active.



Monthly Focus



3.5 weeks

Building a foundation for playworks and PE

  • Routines and procedures
  • Cooperation and team building
  • Playground Activities


4 weeks

Body Awareness and kicking 

Divisional “Fundamental Movement Skills Assessments” (FMSA) 

Start monthly partner run

  • Body control and self-awareness
  • Chasing, Fleeting, Dodging
  • Soccer Skills (kicking, trapping, passing) and other kicking games


7 weeks

Ball play and net games

  • Overhand and underhand throws
  • Catching 
  • Striking using implements
  • Badminton
  • Pickleball
  • Volleyball


4 weeks

Review routines and expectations

Ball Handling

  • Team building and cooperation
  • Basketball skills (dribbling, passing, shooting)


4 weeks

Rhythms, tumbling and flexibility

  • Dance
  • Rhythmic Movements (Lummi sticks, drumming)
  • Individual.partner stunts and body balance
  • Indigenous dance


3 weeks

Fitness Activities 

  • Speed, agility, quickness 
  • Jump rope (short rope, long rope, double dutch, jump bands)
  • Yoga
  • Fitness circuits
  • Fitness BINGO


4 weeks

Object Manipulation

  • Frisbee
  • Throwing, catching, striking


9 weeks

Track & Field and Summer games 

Indigenous Games

  • Running, jumping, throwing, relays
  • Small group activities 
  • Favorite games/Field Day activities 
  • Cornhole, Bocce, ladder ball
  • Screaming Eagle, Big Hoop, Fox Tails, etc.
  • Field day

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