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Reading Recovery

July 20, 2022

The Reading Recovery Program is an early literacy intervention designed to provide the extra support in learning to read and write that some children require. This program is in addition to the English Language Arts experiences provided in the classroom. 

Marie Clay, a New Zealand, psychologist created the Reading Recovery Program. She said:

"I define reading as a message-getting activity which increases in power and flexibility the more it is practised"

A student in the Reading Recovery Program receives an individually designed and delivered 30 minute daily lesson for 20 weeks.
There are 8 components to the daily lesson:
  1. Reading a familiar book
  2. reading yesterday's story
  3. running record
  4. letter and word work
  5. composing a story sentence
  6. writing a story sentence
  7. assembling the cut up sentences
  8. reading a new book

Students are to share their reading and writing accomplishments at home daily. Those who participate in the Reading Recovery Program are tracked and assessed until the end of Grade Three.

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