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Arts - Ms. Kandia

March 13, 2024

Welcome to the Arts!

The Arts is made up of Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts. Students from grades 1-6 will have the experience of creating, exploring and developing skills in all these areas. My hope is to provide exposure to a variety of art forms to develop a better understanding of themselves as artists. Many areas of the arts are often combined and discovered simultaneously.


Students will develop an understanding of dance language, styles and techniques. We will collaboratively generate and develop ideas in creating and performing dance. Students will learn how dance reflects and influences culture and identity.


Students will learn about dramatic forms and elements. They will creatively express themselves using their imagination to analyze, reflect and construct meaning in response to their own and others' dramatic work.


Students will develop an understanding of rhythm and melody. They will have the opportunity to interpret, perform, and share their own and others' music. We will explore music from various times, places, social groups and cultures.


Students will generate and use ideas from a variety of sources for creating art. They will develop an awareness of a variety of art forms, styles and media.


Students will be evaluated in these four learning areas

Language & Performance Skills: What dance, drama, music and/or visual arts elements does your child know, understand and use?

Creative Expression: How does your child create and share ideas?

Knowledge & Understanding of the Arts in Culture and Society: What different art forms, styles and traditions does your child know and understand?

Analysis & Communication: How does your child question, analyze and share personal responses?

I look forward to sharing our creative pieces with you throughout the school year!

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