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Garden Club

July 20, 2022

Garden Club members have been inquiring and engaging in a variety of tasks since our return back to school. A few Garden Club members noticed small, yellow bugs on the shrubs of our plants. We learned that these insects are called aphids. We were curious as to why we had these insects and whether they were harming our plants. Katie and Maycee did some research and presented their findings to the rest of the group and shared some solutions on safe and nontoxic ways we could eliminate the spread of aphids in our garden.  


Each week we begin with a garden clean-up by weeding, picking up any garbage, trimming plants and raking leaves. We noticed we needed more tools and supplies to support with the garden clean-up. Students wrote a letter to Ms. Mowez listing the supplies we needed and the approximate cost. We received a letter back from Ms. Mowez and we are excited to purchase some new equipment to help with cleaning and maintaining our garden throughout the fall! 


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