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Code of Conduct

January 5, 2023

Take C A R E  at Principal Sparling by following our Code of Conduct!

Come Prepared
Strive for academic excellence
Maintain a positive attitude
Take pride in your accomplishments
Put a good effort into your school work
Take care of your books and supplies
Ensure supplies are at school and available
Do not take things that are not yours
Make good choices about your actions
Do your homework

Always on Time
Arrive at school on time
Cross the street with patrols
Head for home immediately when dismissed
Arrive at school after 8:45am & 12:45pm


Ready to Work
Ensure what you say does not interrupt the learning of others
Complete all assignments
Participates in class
Be a team member
Follow class rules


Everyone Helps
Follow class rules
Treat others as you’d like be treated
Use appropriate language
Be tolerant of those who are different
Make new people feel welcome
Refrain from teasing
Try to understand another person’s point of view
Make sure your actions do not hurt, endanger, or threaten others

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