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Principal's Message

October 3, 2022


Welcome to the home of the Principal Sparling Roadrunners!

We recognize Principal Sparling School resides on Treaty 1 land, known as the First Nation’s Territory, as well as the homeland of the Metis Nation.

The Turtle Garden in the field supports Indigenous teaching as we move forward in Reconciliation. We continue our learning journey in the impact of Residential Schools and Treaty Education to ensure our children understand the meaning of Truth and Reconciliation. Teachers celebrate and integrate Indigenous perspectives in subject areas throughout the schoolyear. 

Our dedicated Staff always puts children first. We have ensured the safety of students, parents and staff  by having all safety protocols in place.  All staff and students wear masks, cohorts are limited to classrooms, primary and intermediate classrooms have assigned washrooms, entry and exit is assigned at the front doors, all students are screened upon entry, and touchless hand sanitizers at each entrance. 

Our “Roadrunner Spirit” is kept active through all the activities facilitated by our Gym Teacher, Ms. Lyons.  Noon hour intramurals support a healthy lifestyle for the children.

We adhere to all provincial curricula in the different subject areas and use the sub-competencies from the Grade 3 Provincial Test to support student learning at all grade levels. This builds consistency as children move from grade to grade. The sub-competencies are: 


- Predicts an element in a repeating pattern

- Understands that a given whole number may be represented in a variety of ways

- Understands that the equal symbol represents an equality of the terms found on either side of the symbol

- Uses mental math strategies to determine answers to addition and subtraction



- Reflects on and sets reading goals

- Uses strategies during reading to make sense of texts

- Demonstrates comprehension


The Rotary Club of Winnipeg West makes a difference for our community.  They have provided the children with their community building Chicken Lunch for the past decade.  Most recently, they have partnered with the school to initiate a Breakfast Program. This started 2 years ago and continues this year.  The program is housed in the Student Council room and breakfast is served in classrooms.   We are grateful for their support!!

Our WSD Principles of Learning forms a guide to successful learning experiences for children. The Principles are: Inclusion, Assessment, Engagement, Collaboration and Understanding.

Principal Sparling School is 110 years young! As a pillar for our community, we continue to move forward educating our children to become successful citizens within our society.

Yours in education.

Lionel Pang


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