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February 4, 2021

Have Some Music Fun!

Rappin' Fun


Click on and add the icons to the musicians to create amazing rap back tracks!

Have fun mixing and matching sounds to create your perfect accompaniment,

then write a rap with your friends and perform it when you get back to school.

Rap about whatever you want; food, the environment, your pet, having 3 weeks off, whatever inspires you!

See You at the Symphony!

Learn  about  the Symphony Orchestra and  become an expert on all of the different instruments for an upcoming unit on the Symphony.

Can you recognize what a clarinet sounds like?

If you saw a trombone could you name it?

Write about your favourite instrument and tell us why it's your favourite.

Learn Musical Terms

Create a dictionary of musical terms that you can bring back to the music class and share by playing a letter guessing game. Kind of like Wheel of Fortune without the wheelJ

* Helpful hint- if you're stuck, watch for the shaking letter and give it a click

Composer Map

Go to the composer map and choose 3 countries.

List the composers from each country and name at least one of their most famous pieces of music

Your Favourite Music

I've never heard of your favourite musical performer before. Do some persuasive writing to convince me that they are amazing musicians and that I should definitely go and see their next concert.  What incredible things could you say about them that would tempt me to go?

Good luck!

Interactive Music Games for Primary

Miss Piggy's Music Lessons

Can you tell which note is higher or lower?

Can you follow and copy a musical pattern?

Can you make a song on the boomwhackers?

Watch some music videos and sing along!


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