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Grades 3-4

December 19, 2022

Welcome to Grade 3/4-September, 2022

The grade 3/4 teachers are:

Ms. Pritchard - room 211 -- 

Mr. Kolton - room 210 -- 

Mr. Dahlin - room 209 -- 

Ms. Tohme - room 109 -- 

Students are connected to their classroom teacher by Google Classroom and Google Meets. Go to the Student Learning Links tab to learn how to connect to the various learning platforms.

Please contact the classroom teacher if you have any questions.

At Home Activities:

Grade 3_4 at Home 1.pdf

Grade 3_4 at Home 2.pdf

Grade 3_4 at Home 3.pdf

Grade 3_4 Character study and Math Sheets.pdf

Grade 3_4 Math work.pdf

Grade 3_4 Fractions.pdf

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