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Environmental Action Team

February 4, 2021

A message from the Environmental Action Team:

The E.A.T. is an idea made up by a few Grade 5 students a couple of years ago who had concerns about global warming and the environment. Now, in 2010, we have been having monthly meetings. The environmental action team’s focus is on composting, littering and Earth Day.

Every day, the E.A.T. goes around and collects composting bins from the classrooms. Then, we empty out the bins and put the fruit and vegetable scraps into the big compost bin outside the school. In the spring the compost decomposes itself into humus. Humus is partially decomposed organic material. Then we take the humus and put it into our gardens to help make the plants grow. We are very fortunate here that we have beautiful gardens. 

When we focus on the problem of  littering, we try to encourage kids to walk to the garbage to throw there garbage out, because if they litter it will be destroying our environment. When it is Earth Day at our school, we organize games and activities to teach children about our environment. Earth Day is a day when people try to help make our Earth a better, cleaner and safer place for everybody.

– Spencer and Jessica members of the Environmental Action Team  

A declaration for Sustainable Development

Planet Earth is our home.
We depend on the earth for our survival.
I am concerned about inequity and injustice in the world.
I know that what I do (or don't do) affects others now & in the future.
I have the power and responsibility to make a difference in the world.
I am willing to question, seek alternatives & help change the way we do things.
a citizen of Planet Earth, I choose to live my life in a way that contributes to a more equitable world & inspires hope for the future. 

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