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Science Fair Projects

February 4, 2021

There was a wonderful assortment of projects on display at this year’s Science Fair. Some were very practical, such as choosing the best baking sheets, preventing mold, helping plants grow, and powering gadgets with fruit.

Others were quite relevant for surviving in Winnipeg: de-icing sidewalks, how weather affects our mood, and measuring air quality.

Making a homemade lava lamp, tracking the speed of a slapshot, and choosing mascara based on how waterproof it is were some very cool projects.

Of course, a science fair wouldn’t be a true science fair without the classics: erupting volcanoes, falling eggs, moving magnets, and electrical shocks.
And really, who wouldn’t want to comb spilt crude oil out of a sea otter’s fur? Talk about cute!

The author of this article would also like to share that he was very partial to one display where he had to eat FOUR chocolate chip cookies! All in the name of science!

For all of you that just can’t get enough of fun science, the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium is having their yearly science fair on the weekend of April 23-25th. Please visit for more details.

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