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January 23, 2024

Journey and Succeed Program

JASP is a pre-employment program for Indigenous students at Children of the Earth High School. The ultimate goal of the program is to equip the participants with the knowledge and confidence required to successfully navigate the transition to independence. This is achieved by providing our students with the opportunity to explore career options, develop employability skills, gain certifications, volunteer in the community, and increase financial literacy. We partner with community organizations to allow participants diverse learning experiences as well as the opportunity to build their social networks. In addition to programming , students are encouraged to regularly attend their academic classes in order to work towards their academic goals and earn their high school diplomas. 

The program is comprised of the following main activities:

1. In class workshops and meeting: Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30

  • Labour market information and research
  • Resume and cover letter writing workshops
  • Interview skills training and practice
  • Job search strategies and practice
  • Financial literacy training through SEED
  • And other training/workshops offered by a variety of community organizations

2. Semi-regular meetings with the JASP program coordinator and school career intern to discuss/address:

  • Personalized career plans
  • Plans for post-secondary education
  • Resume updates
  • Volunteering
  • Barriers to success in program, as well as barriers to becoming independent

3. Half or Full-day certification courses on school in-service days:

  • Service Excellence Training
  • CPR/AED and First Aid Training
  • Food Handler Training and Certification  

4. Volunteering with community organizations and local, businesses

The project has 4 objectives related to pre-employment skills and 4 to financial literacy skills.

Pre-Employment Skill Objectives:

  • Learn about current labour market
  • Identify career goals
  • Learn to find and secure employment
  • Gain experience

Financial Literacy Skill Objectives:

JASP partners with SEED Winnipeg's Money Stories: Grounding Aboriginal Youth in the Lessons of their Elders, our students will explore skill to manage and resolve financial problems. JASP will focus on 4 financial objectives;

1.) Financial knowledge and understanding:

2.) Financial skills and competence

3.) Financial responsibility

4.) Asset Building

 The JASP coordinator also supports youth in obtaining birth certificates, photo ID, social insurance numbers, and bank accounts.

As our students move from school to secondary education, or work, we believe that these objectives provide key building blocks, providing student with skills and competencies towards a financially secure future.



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