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Special Education

February 4, 2021

Program Descriptions:

Counselling Services
Ms. Susan Chodirker (Grade 7-9) and Ms. LeAnne Froese (Grade 10-12) provide services in personal, career and educational counselling. They also arrange for speakers on various topics of educational and personal interest to students, as well as coordinating community resources. Parents with concerns are invited to meet with the counsellors. They can be reached at 474-1301.
The Winnipeg School Division has supported the position of Career Intern at Churchill High School.  The Intern assists students with career choices, job search techniques, post-secondary choices and application procedures as well as scholarship information.  The Career Intern is located in the guidance area.
The Child Guidance Clinic
The Winnipeg School Division provides specialized assistance from clinicians with the following expertise:
• Speech and Language
• Audiology
• Reading
• Social Work
• Psychology
• Psychiatry
We recognize that at any given time, students in the building may require academic, social-emotional and/or behavioural support.  A student, parent/guardian or teacher may request assistance through the department head in consultation with appropriate personnel.  With permission from the parents, students can be referred to the Child Guidance Clinic.
Resource Program
Churchill High School has resource teachers who work in conjunction with the classroom teacher to assist students who are encountering difficulties in their academic program.  Specific services include assessment of skill levels, strengths and weaknesses, program adaptation where needed, remedial assistance in specific subject areas and assistance with organizational skills.  The resource teachers also act as liaisons with students, teachers, parents and agencies such as the Diagnostic Learning Centre and the Child Guidance Clinic.
Special Education Programs
Churchill High School offers a wide range of Special Education programs, ranging from Community Access/Adaptive Skills, behavioural support, to integrated special education.  Student programs are developed through collaboration with teachers, resource teachers, educational assistants, clinicians, and/or outside agencies.




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