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Acceptable Use Policy

January 31, 2022

Internet Usage Policy

In accordance with the Winnipeg School Division policy on Student Access to On-Line Information Resources (Policy JFCBA – Sept. 23, 1997), Collège Churchill High School (CCHS) students are expected to demonstrate ethical behaviour that is of the highest order when using these services.  Students must also realize that the opportunity to use the computer network and related resources in the school goes hand in hand with the responsibility of using these resources properly.  Students are required to abide by the following guidelines:

  • All communications and information accessible by the Internet shall be assumed to be private property.  All copyright issues regarding software information and authorship must be respected.  The unauthorized copying or transferring of copyrighted materials may result in a loss of network privileges.
  • Hate mail, harassment, discriminatory remarks and other anti-social behaviours are prohibited in the school and on the network.  All users of the school network shall use language that is appropriate for school situations.
  • Malicious use of the network to develop programs that harass others, infiltrate a computer or computer system and/or damage or impair the software components of the computer or computer system is prohibited.  The access or downloading of inappropriate materials, text files or files dangerous to the integrity of the local area network are prohibited.  Downloading of any software (shareware) or other printed materials must only be done with the permission of the supervising teacher.
  • Network accounts are to be used only by the authorized owner of the account; students must never share passwords. All network users shall not seek information on obtaining copies or modified files, data or passwords belonging to others or misrepresent others on the network. Violation will result in the immediate loss of the student’s e-mail account or network privileges.
  • Parents/guardians must understand that their children may encounter material that may be inappropriate (pornography, vulgar jokes, discriminatory remarks, statements of belief that some may consider immoral or inappropriate, etc.) while using On-Line Information Resources.  Students are responsible for not perusing material that could be considered offensive.
  • Students must not be involved in any activity that the supervising teacher deems as inappropriate.
  • Collège Churchill High School does monitor and record normal usage of our systems.  Users should not expect that files stored on school servers or activity on the local computer to be private.  Network Administrators may review files and communications to maintain system integrity and ensure that users are using the system responsibly. CCHS will fully cooperate with any authority in investigation of illegal activity and may turn over logs and records upon receipt of proper orders or subpoenas.
  • Collège Churchill High School’s unacceptable use policy includes: usage of E-mail other than WSD accounts, any form of chat lines, installation of software without teachers or administrator’s consent, hacking software, downloadable games, warez sites, pornography, modifications of system configuration and the tampering with computer hardware.  You must take responsibility for your actions on our system and the systems you access through us.  You must comply with whatever rules or Acceptable Usage Policies that are appropriate for the systems you access.  If you are offended by information you find on any system, it is your responsibility to avoid whatever you find offensive.  You must take responsibility for the statements you make in E-mail, discussion forums, and User net newsgroups on the web.

 Because there are multiple computers in the classrooms for student use, it is important that you understand that the teaching staff of Collège Churchill High School cannot monitor all the information that your child can access while in the classroom.  It is possible that your child may access information that has not been screened or deemed appropriate for educational purposes.  Signing the attached form acknowledges to the school that both you and your child understand that the accessing of, or saving of such information will not be tolerated.  Any violation of these guidelines will be considered grounds for disciplinary action, loss of computer lab privileges and/or legal action.

Parents should feel free to call the school at 204-474-1301 to address any concerns that they may have about their child’s access to On-Line Information Resources available in the school.  A copy of the Winnipeg School Division proposed policy – Student Access to On-Line Information Resources, is available by contacting the office at 204-474-1301.

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