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December 13, 2021

Located along the Red River in South Winnipeg, within the boundaries of the Winnipeg School Division, Collège Churchill High School founds itself on pride and tradition. Named for Sir Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965) who was a British political leader, historian and orator who served as the British Prime Minister until 1955. He devoted his powers to seeking world peace. Sir Winston Churchill was described as having the heart of a lion, the courage of a bulldog and a digestive system similar to a cement mixer. He first visited Winnipeg in 1901 stating that, "Winnipeg is a Winner.” 

The cornerstone of Churchill High School was laid in 1955 and the building itself has undergone many physical changes to meet the needs of the surrounding community. In 1991, Churchill High School added a French Immersion Milieu school, Collège Churchill, to its building, granting its students even more opportunities. For many years, athletics, Performing Arts and other co-curricular activities were shared between both schools. In 2021, the two schools combined to become one united school: Collège Churchill High School, which added an even greater interconnectedness on campus between the two programs.

We offer innovative and inclusive academic programming for Grades 7 - 12. CCHS also provides many other experiences to connect students with the school community and prepare them for an enjoyable and successful high school career. At Collège Churchill High School, you will realize your full potential, and we’ll help you begin reaching it.


Churchill High School (1967) by Nick Kokil
Source: Manitoba Historical Society (from Gail Singleton)

School Cheer

Churchill High, Churchill Ho Yea, Yea Churchill go

Head for the red

Fight for the white

You for the blue

And victory too.

Churchill High, Churchill Ho Yea, Yea, Churchill go!

(This Cheer was chosen after a contest was held in 1962. The winner was a staff member, Mr. Belton, who donated his prize of $5.00 to the Pep Club.)

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