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Athletics & Extra-Curricular

April 12, 2024
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Participating in extra-curricular activities has many benefits and can touch on different aspects of a student’s growth and development. Pursuing interests outside of the normal course of study is a great way for students to learn new skills, find their passion, boost academic performance, improve their time management and impress universities! Being part of a group or team outside the classroom also helps to build self-esteem and can expand social skills. At Collège Churchill High School, we recognize the importance of providing educationally valuable activities to our students, which are not a part of other credit courses.

CCHS Sports Calendars

Here is a sample of what we have to offer at Collège Churchill High School:

2021-Hokcey-A-16.jpgHockey Academy
At Collège Churchill High School Hockey Academy, we use hockey as a tool to keep students engaged and enthusiastic about achieving their potential within all areas of the school curriculum. Our academy reflects the values of the Winnipeg School Division, which creates an environment that is inclusive to individual student development both academically and athletically.

Junior BandJBand.JPG
All grades 7-9 students are welcome to join Junior Band! Practices are Tuesdays and Fridays 3:20pm – 4:15pm. No experience is necessary to join - just a willingness to try new things on a musical instrument! Junior band at Collège Churchill High School is a great opportunity for students to get additional time on their band instrument and/or start on a new instrument. All are welcome!

Collège Churchill High School’s volleyball program participates in two leagues. Grades 9-12 take part in the MHSAA league. In this league, CCHS has both Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. Grades 7-9 take part in the Winnipeg School Division inter-school league.We often have multiple teams, including developmental and competitive teams. All teams take place in tournaments at schools across Winnipeg. CCHS’ volleyball program continues to grow and find success! In the 2021-2022 year, our teams won City Championships in Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys, Junior Varsity Girls, and Junior Girls!

Rugby is one of the most popular sports played around the world and at Collège Churchill High School, we make it a game that can be played by everyone. You do not need experience to play and although it may look intimidating to those who do not have an understanding of the sport, the dedicated coaches at Collège Churchill High School work with you to ensure you are well prepared for all aspects of the game!

Collège Churchill High School offers soccer for all students at all grade levels. At the varsity level, games for our co-ed team play indoors as part of the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association High School League between October and March. Students at the junior level play outdoors in May and June. Soccer at Churchill is about having fun, developing skills, growing confidence and learning to play as a team. We encourage students of all skill levels to participate!

Softball AcademySoftballA-2.png
Giving students the choice to link their passion of softball to education will increase school engagement and foster an enthusiasm for achieving their potential within all areas of the school curriculum. Our vision is to empower students to become responsible, productive, global citizens in the 21st century. The academy will reflect the values of the Winnipeg School Division, which creates an environment that is inclusive to individual student development academically and athletically.

Football%20lineup-1.JPGBulldogs Football
All students from Grades 9-12 are invited to participate, whether big, small, slow, fast, experienced, or inexperienced, there is a place for everyone on the football team. All football equipment is provided to players (helmet, shoulder pads, lower body pads, mouth guard, jerseys, etc.) to make the game accessible to everyone! We also have cleats and gloves, although some players prefer to purchase these themselves.

Ultimate Frisbee
You may be wondering "what is Ultimate?"
Ultimate is a team sport played with seven players on the field at a time. The object of the game is to throw and catch a disc until it is caught in the end zone. At Collège Churchill High School, spirit of the Game is of utmost importance in the game of ultimate. The sport is self-regulated and it is non-contact.

Collège Churchill High School also offers:

  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Judo
  • Track
  • Futsal
  • Yarn Club

WSD Concussion Protocol
This protocol covers the recognition, medical diagnosis, and management of students who may sustain a suspected concussion during a school activity. It aims to ensure that students with a suspected concussion receive timely and appropriate care and proper management to allow them to return back to their school activities and sports safely.

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