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Mission Statement

December 13, 2021



Our vision is to empower students to become responsible, productive, global citizens in the 21st century.


As a UNESCO school, we will ensure that peace is at the core of all that we do as a community by using the four pillars of learning: learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together.


Learning to know:

- Using assessment practices that support learning and support students to be agents of their own success
- Developing an awareness of vital world issues and their possible solutions
- Understanding our responsibility for the world’s environmental, economic and social sustainable development

Learning to do:

- Developing students’ skills in social awareness, problem solving, communication and creativity
- Providing opportunities for student choice and voice
- Providing opportunities for students to take action to create change
- Preparing students for the challenges of the global economy through holistic learning and meaningful knowledge

Learning to be:

- Nurturing students’ pursuit of academic and personal growth
- Assisting students to develop skills in critical thinking and making a commitment to peace
- Encouraging lifestyles that foster healthy minds and bodies

Learning to live together:

- Promoting inclusive education
- Understanding, accepting, enhancing and celebrating diversity
- Living together in peace by reinforcing a sense of self-worth and self-confidence as well as respect for others.

Note: Input from teachers, department heads, students and CCHS parent advisory council is reflected in this document.

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