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Arts / Musiques

March 7, 2023

Arts visuels

  • fine arts
  • videographie
  • photographie

Practical Arts

  • Clothing
  • Foods
  • Graphics
  • Metals
  • Technical education
  • Woods


Grade 7-8
Choir is available for grade 7 and 8 students.
Grade 9

This course is a continuation of the skills learned in grade 7 and 8 Choir. There is an emphasis on Sight Reading, Ear Training and proper vocal technique.
Students will develop vocal independence and confidence.Grade 9 Choir will perform independently, as well with the Senior Choir.
Grade 10-12
CHOR 2G, 3S, 4S

Concert Choir performs several times throughout the year.  The course focuses on vocal production, as well as sight reading and ear training.


This course involves developing technical skills on a wind instrument through private practice, small group and large group rehearsals. Students will develop an understanding of different musical styles and a knowledge of theory appropriate to the grade level. Performance is an expectation of this course.

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