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Special Credits

December 6, 2021

  • Cadet Service: Addional credits may be available for students completing the Basic Program and/or Advanced Program of the Air, Army or Sea Cadets. These credits will be recognized as addional credits beyond the minimum 30 credits required for high school graduation.

  • Challenge for Credit OpGon: The Winnipeg School Division recognizes that students may, in exceptional circumstances, have already acquired the knowledge, skills and aRtudes of a particular course. The Challenge for Credit Option provides a process for students to demonstrate that they have achieved the learning outcomes as defined in the Manitoba curriculum for a specific course.
    • This option is available for students challenging grade 12 courses only and only students who have not completed the course previously are eligible. 
    • The Challenge for Credit Option cannot be used to raise a student’s mark.
    • See your guidance counsellor or principal for details about the application process.

  • Community Service Student-IniGated Project Credit:
    • Students can make a contribution by volunteering for worthwhile causes or organizations. 
    • Volunteering a minimum of 110 hours for a full credit or 55 hours for a half credit.

  • High School Music OpGon(Private) :
    • If you are studying music with a private instructor, you may gain additional credit in music (theory and practical at the required level) as an option in grade 9-12.
    • See a counsellor or music teacher for further details.

  • Royal Winnipeg Ballet: Additional credits may also be available for students completing dance courses with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

  • S.I.P. (Student IniGated Projects):
    • Students may earn up to three credits during their high school career in an “Independent” study project.
    • Interested students may see the counsellor for further details.

  • Special Credit Language Exams:
    • Students who speak, read and write a language other than French or English may register to take an examination in that language to gain credit
    • German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Pilipino (Tagalog), Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Ukrainian are some languages tested for high school credit
    • See a counsellor for more information.

  • Supplementary Program: You may take an extra subject by way of
    • Evening School
    • Correspondence
    • Vocation School
    • or request an extra subject in the grade 11 or grade 12 year of your timetable.
    • See a guidance counsellor for further details.

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