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Mental Health

February 5, 2021

On Monday, May 25 the students and staff at Clifton School participated in our third annual “Day of Yoga and Meditation”. We were lucky again this year to have Marc the yoga instructor come to teach us yoga poses and about how to relax our bodies. The students loved having Marc here as he is so enthusiastic and supportive when working with the students. Before he left the school one of our students presented him with a piece of art that he had made in art club when he was learning about Emily Carr. The students also learned about meditation and deep breathing from Mrs. Sharpe. Life is always so busy and it was great for Mrs. Sharpe to teach and remind us that sometimes we just need to stop and relax as it is an important to do in order to live a long healthy life. Finally, the students in room 32 went around and taught the importance of big belly breathing to the grade 2-6 classrooms. They did such a wonderful job with their presentation and in spreading the word about mindfulness. Teachers now are working towards incorporating what they learned about yoga, meditation and mindfulness into their classroom routines. We cannot wait until our fourth annual “Day of Yoga and Meditation” and we hope that Marc is able to visit us again.image (1).jpg

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