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Junior High Classes

October 16, 2022

IMG_9B70DB535DB7-1.jpeg2022-2023 Junior High Information Slideshow

(Brought to you by our current students)

Earl Grey Junior High....Where You Learn With Students From All Over The World

 Earl Grey offers a multi-age grade 7/8 program. Students go to different classrooms to learn from different subject area teachers. Our program offers a variety of courses during Creativity Hour which exposes students to different areas of learning. Art, Dance, Drama, Guitar, Spanish, Videography will be offered this year.  The Junior High Program provides students with time to explore and research topics that interest them during Genius Hour. This time is used for learning how to creatively problem solve and discover new interests. Once a cycle students go to Kelvin High School to take Practical Arts, which includes skills such as film production, woods, graphics, and more.

All Girls Program

Junior High at Earl Grey offers a unique classroom program for female identifying students. Earl Grey School has had an All Girls program in Junior High for over 25 years. This unique program is only offered in Grade 7/8, providing a nurturing environment that empowers young girls. Female identifying students learn the core subjects and Phys Ed together, but mix with the other Junior High students during Shops, Creativity Hour and Genius Hour.

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