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Nursery and Kindergarten

July 15, 2022

Anyone peeking into the Early Childhood classrooms at Earl Grey will see and hear the sights and sounds of very busy children. The children are encouraged to think positively and creatively, building independence and confidence in their abilities. 

The students engage in developing their creativity and fine motor skills at the Art Centre. They explore “roles” at the Home Life Centre and learn to “see” at the Science Centre. The students gain experience on the computer and learn interactive games in gym. They improve their language and numeracy skills through regular, theme-based activities.


Students are encouraged to listen effectively, respect each others feelings and make good choices for great educational experiences they will take with them for life. Students are given opportunities to work in many different groupings to develop and improve their socialization skills.

Nursery students must be 4 years of age by December 31. Kindergarten students must be 5 years old by that date. Kindergarten and Nursery run the full year. If you know of other children in the neighbourhood that are eligible to enter the program, please pass the word on. 

We offer two different engaging learning environments for beginning students:

1) Nursery/Kindergarten Multiage Half Day

2) Spanish Half Day Kindergarten 

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