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123 Multiage

September 12, 2023

At Earl Grey we believe that every student who comes into our classrooms brings their own unique personalities, strengths, and talents.  We understand that our students have different learning needs and we aim to structure our teaching to reach our learners in a multitude of ways through direct instruction, hands-on learning and experiential learning opportunities.   Our teachers are learners too and constantly strive to find the best teaching practices to work with your child.  Students engage in their learning through whole group instruction and also through collaborative projects when working in smaller groups with other students within their own classrooms and other students in the school.  Our classrooms are multi-age which contributes to a strong sense of community and mentorship amongst our students.  Our community is important to us and we find ways to give back to our community in as many ways as possible.  

Grade 1/2 Multiage

Grade 1/2/3 Alternative Multiage

Grade 1/2/3 Spanish Multiage

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