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October 16, 2022

At Earl Grey School, students from Grade 1 to Grade 8 participate in the music program.


Students in Grades 1-3 are exposed to a wide variety of musical experiences including singing, movement, drama and instrumental play. Through these experiences they discover their singing voice, develop basic music literacy skills, cultivate curiosity and creativity, and have a lot of fun!

 In Grades 4-6, the fun and learning continues with students building on what they know. learning more advanced skills and beginning to learn note-reading with the introduction of the soprano recorder. They also have the opportunity to attend an annual performance by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

 In Grades 7-8, students are in music for half the year. In Junior High, students learn guitar, drumming, GarageBand, as well as music from other cultures and eras.


At all levels, students are encouraged to grow in the areas of

  • Music language and performance skills
  • Creative expression
  • An awareness of music in context, and
  • Valuing musical experiences

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