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February 4, 2021

Meetings of the minds is a good term to describe Earl Grey School’s library. It is here the students can find materials to develop their knowledge, analytical skills, literature appreciation and creative abilities. It is a place where discussions are encouraged and opinions are honoured. Current reading materials and periodicals keep the students up to date about world events.

Literature appreciation is ongoing. The classes are exposed to a variety of authors, illustrators, literary patterns, styles and techniques. Guest readers and presentations help to promote reading. Many books chosen during "story time" further develop a theme or topic from the classroom curriculum.

Many school-wide events are created and developed out of the library. Each classroom has an opportunity to come to the library for enrichment activities, story time, skill building programs, and book exchange. Blocks of time are set aside for classrooms or individuals to do research projects which have been organized and developed by the teacher and the teacher-librarian.

The library has made a very smooth transition to automation and all materials can now be tracked and accessed electronically. As well, the library boasts new furniture and flooring. It really is a welcoming place for inquiring minds!

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