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Earl Grey Parent Council

October 16, 2022

There has traditionally been an active Parent Council at Earl Grey School, and we encourage all parents to come out to meetings. In 1993, the Winnipeg School Division saw the beginning of School-Based Decision-Making. Parents meet with representatives from all employee groups of the staff to give input into important decisions at the school level. We also work closely to plan many joint school community events. At this time, meetings are held Virtually, approximately seven times per year from 6:15-7:15 p.m. Meetings are generally held on the last Thursday of the Month.

Input from parents is highly valued by the school, and new members are certainly always welcome. Typical meetings include discussions on educational issues or new policies, fundraising plans, an update on school activities and events, a lunch program report, news from the South End Advisory Committee, and other pertinent items. The Parent Council instituted a constitution a number of years ago, and this helps with the smooth running of our Parent Advisory Group.

Kathy Heppner - Chair

Vacant - Vice-Chair

Jane Friesen - Treasurer

Vacant - Secretary

Vacant - South End Advisory Rep

PAC Email:

Next Meeting: October 27, 6:15


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