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Gordon Bell High School Triumphs in Esports Provincial Championships

March 15, 2024
The Provincial champions for the Brawlhalla season Tieg Meacham and Wellington Aporius with the trophy.

Gordon Bell High School has made an impressive mark in Manitoba's Esports world. They clinched the first-place victory in the Manitoba School's Esports Association 2024 Brawlhalla Season.

During a rigorous six-week season, where they competed online against 85 other teams from around Manitoba, all five teams from the school secured spots in the Provincial Finals. These finals took place in person in Dugald, Manitoba, with GB Gaming fielding four of the top 16 AAA teams in the province.

On Saturday, March 9, middle-year esports enthusiasts from across Manitoba convened both in person and online, eager to dominate the day-long Brawlhalla tournament. The well-practiced esports athletes of Gordon Bell High School showed off their skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship, leading to a nail-biting victory in the finals against Stonybrook Middle School from Steinbach.


The Provincial champions for the Brawlhalla season, Tieg Meacham and Wellington Aporius, said, "We love how the games we play at school create a fun community that we get to be part of. Brawlhalla is our top game for sure, and it was pretty amazing to get the chance to play it against other students from across the province. It felt like it connected us with all these different people. The in-person finals were super fun; seeing teams we met during the season and shaking their hands after made playing feel extra special." 

Under Mr. George Pearce's guidance, the students showcased their gaming skills, strategic planning, and teamwork abilities.


Mr. Pearce commented, "In addition to all of the common benefits playing school sports provides our students, integrating Esports into our School communities sends a positive message. It tells them they're valued, that they belong, and that there's a place for everyone. Gaming helps bridge school social gaps. Our Brawlhalla team has a student from each of the Grade 7/8 classrooms, and they're all equal when they are playing the game. Outside of our esports, our regular gaming club goes beyond and connects students from Grades 7 to 12 in a unique and meaningful way."

This achievement highlights the power of teamwork, perseverance, and passion in helping students grow and excel.

Other WSD high schools, like DMCI and Kelvin High School, also have successful esports teams, with victories in various competitions hosted by the Manitoba Schools Esports Association. 

Congratulations to all the players on their outstanding performance!

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