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High School Phys. Ed.

July 20, 2022

Varsity Girls Basketball

Varsity Boys Basketball

Gordon Bell Soccer - a Tradition of Excellence

Soccer has been played at Gordon Bell from the school's first year. There are accounts and photos of teams in the very first yearbooks and the tradition carries on to this day. There have been successes and championships over the years, and the sport has developed, but a major shift occurred when the school was able to acquire the Greenspace, with a sports field at its centre. It is early days yet, but in the 4 years that we have had the Greenspace the Varsity Boys team has won their indoor championship 4 times; and in 2016 both Varsity Boys and Girls teams won their outdoor championships. 


The Greenspace has been the impetus for frequent practices, exhibition games and hosting of our annual Fall and Spring tournaments. Importantly, it also allows for the informal pick-up games that are enjoyed by our students, families in the neighbourhood, and the larger soccer community.


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