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BlackBerry OS (pre-BB10)

February 4, 2021


Sad news if you've been using Google Sync to synchronize the GB online calendars to your pre-BB10 BlackBerry smartphone. It appears that Google has shut down the service around midday on December 13th, 2012. Unfortunately this means that you will no longer be able to synchronize multiple Google calendars such as the GBHS Calendar of Events to your pre-BB10 BlackBerry smartphone from this point forward.

We will try and find another solution, but by all accounts, Google Sync for BlackBerry was the only free and reliable way to sync multiple Google calendars to your pre-BB10 BlackBerry smartphone. It may have been the only solution, period.

In the meantime, you can manually view the GBHS Calendar of Events formatted in agenda view by directing your BlackBerry web browser ​and bookmarking this link:

This format should (no promises) be viewable on BlackBerry smartphones running BBOS 6.x, 7.x, 7.1.x, and possibly those that are running older versions of the legacy BBOS.




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