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February 4, 2021


How to subscribe to GBHS online calendars using your calendar:
(click or tap an image for a larger view)

  • Right click the link to the online calendar you want to subscribe to

    GBHS Calendar of Events​  (ical/ICS link)
    6 Day Cycle  (ical/ICS link)​

  • Click Copy link address 
    (the terminology may differ slightly depending on browser type and/or version you're using)

  • Navigate your browser to
  • Sign in to using your Microsoft ac​count
    (,, or
  • Click the triangle to the right of Outlook in the top left corner

  • Click Calendar in the drop down menu
  • When your calendar loads, click Import
  • Click Subscribe on the left hand side of the screen
  • Place your mouse cursor in the ​Calendar URL text field, and right click

  • Click Paste

  • Type a name for the subscribed calendar in the ​Calendar Name text field (we recommend GBHS Calendar of Events  & 6 Day Cycle respectively)
  • Choose a calendar colour as per your preference (we recommend purple, because it's awesome)
  • Choose ​(or don't, it's optional) a charm as per your preference
  • Click Subscribeb8b47c38-9993-4ded-a406-dee0bc60a259_outlook-com-007.png

  • You should see that is Subscribing you to the online calendar you chose92fd15a9-460e-408d-b907-4af3e2a1a7ac_outlook-com-008.png

  • Once has finished subscribing, you should be taken back to your calendar, where you'll start to automatically see events
    (Please note that as per a Microsoft FAQ, any changes made to a subscribed calendar could take up to at least 24 hours to populate into your calendar)2f66b898-4d7e-4595-b09c-44a106dbb653_outlook-com-009.png

  • Repeat above steps to subscribe to another GBHS online calendar (as desired)​​​​​

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