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January 2, 2016

Exams are held in January and June every year for High School students.  Middle School students write exams in June. It is expected that all students will be available and present for their exams, and families are asked to take this into account when scheduling holidays and other commitments.  Schedules will be posted close to the actual exam dates.  Please speak to individual subject teachers for further information.

January 2021 Exams:

Summative Assessment – In keeping with Manitoba Education's direction for provincial exams, all school-based exams at the secondary level will be cancelled in January. For that reason, we will repurpose exam week in January to extend student learning opportunities. Students will be expected to follow their timetables for that week. We have applied the following guidelines to help in planning forward during the suspension of standards tests: 

  • We will use performance tasks to assess mastery of multiple outcomes rather than school-based exams. 
  • Marks will be based on class work, assessments and remote learning. 
  • Teachers will continue to gather evidence of learning (conversations with students, products, portfolios, observations if possible) to determine marks.  
  • Teacher judgement is critical as they consider students' strengths, needs, and circumstances, based on what is reasonable and in the best interests of the student, to determine a final grade. 
  • Assessment for Learning will support checking on students' understanding and provide students with descriptive feedback on their learning. 
  • Teachers will encourage student self-assessment and reflection on learning. 
  • Encourage professional judgement and hold positive presuppositions at all times. 
  • Students at risk of not getting a credit or passing a course may need further supports. Teachers will contact parents and students early to inform them if there is a risk of not meeting the course requirements. 


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