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February 4, 2021

​​​​The Grant Park Resource Center (GPRC) program has been designed with student success in mind.  It is staffed by two resource teachers and an Educational Assistant​, and is open to all students seeking support.  The GPRC works closely with School Administration, Classroom Teachers, Counsellors, the Clinical Support Services and families to ensure that student needs are met at the academic, social/emotional and behavioural levels.  Anyone wishing to access services may do so through self-referral, teacher/counsellor referral, and/or parent referral, where available.  Intervention may be in the form of:

  • Direct student support (one on one, small group)
  • Indirect student support (co-teaching, collaboration, consultation).

The GPRC is equipped with additional materials to support student success.  Materials may include, but are not exclusive to, study aids, textbooks, technology, and the invaluable intervention of Education Assistants.

The Peer Tutoring program is also coordinated by the GPRC.  

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