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Clubs & Student Groups

July 20, 2022

Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program (AYLP)

This program is an opportunity for students to earn extra credit by exploring Indigenous cultures and traditions and also building leadership skills.  Students will meet once a week in school with Ms Trudeau, Aboriginal Graduation Coach and will gather with other AYLP groups from across the division five times throughout the year.

Chess Club

Chess Club is an informal club open to all students and staff.  Drop by Room 16 any day at lunch hour and play a game.  Be a regular or drop in occasionally.  Tournaments are organized throughout the year depending on interest.

Reach for the Top Club

Grant Park High School competes with schools around the province in a Reach for the Top league, where answering general knowledge questions (eg. math, history, music, pop culture, language, literature, geography, chemistry, etc.) is the focus.  This year, we will have a senior (Gr. 12 and under) and possibly an intermediate team (Gr. 7-10).  Weekly practices are at lunch in Room 9.  Students are welcome to come join us at any time during the year.


Smudging will be available in Room 87 every morning for students or staff who would like to start their day in a positive way.  Smudging will be led by Ms Trudeau, Aboriginal Graduation Coach and will also be available throughout the day by request.

Student Council

Student Council meets Thursday's to plan fun spirit activities and social action events throughout the year. Everyone is welcome! A great way to get involved and make some friends while filling up your resume.

Wolf Pack

Aboriginal students in Grades 7 - 8 who are interested in learning more about Aboriginal cultures in Manitoba will come together four times throughout the year to celebrate and build relationships with each other and the Aboriginal Graduation Coach while engaging in activities that focus on Aboriginal perspectives.  The group will be led by Ms MacDonald (Grade 7 teacher and Aboriginal Academic Achievement representative for the school) and Ms Trudeau (Aboriginal Graduation Coach).

There are many other clubs and committees that become available to students throughout the school year - keep your eyes and ears open for announcements!

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