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Life Skills Room 137

February 14, 2024

Life Skills Overview


We are so excited to be part of your child’s learning journey this year! Our team includes the teaching team of Ms. Taylor and Mrs. Kalsi in room 137. We are supported by an educational assistant, nurse and specialists (Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist).

We recognize that all students are individuals, and everyone learns in their own unique way. We use multiple methods of teaching (visual, oral, kinesthetic) to help students. Our goal is to create an inclusive learning environment that supports the success of every student. A joyful, nurturing, and engaging learning space that welcomes all children. One that promotes growth and learning.

We aim to acknowledge and respond to the differences among learners, each of whom has different strengths and needs and a unique pace and pathway to development. In the classroom, the use of play-based learning centres, small groups, flexible groupings, and teacher- guided learning experiences, will all be a part of our day.

We work on a child-centered approach to education and learning, recognizing that children learn through play and through relationships with caring adults and each other. We encourage many play opportunities. This kind of learning stimulates imagination, encourages creative problem solving, helps develop confidence, self-esteem, a sense of strengths and weaknesses, and a positive attitude toward learning.

In early October, we will meet with families to review and further develop each student’s Individualized Education Plan. We feel it is very important for families to be an active participant in this process. IEPs will be reported on 3 times yearly aligning with the Provincial Report Card.

Our daily schedule also includes functional, adaptive and social skills. Functional academics, using reading, writing, and math skills in everyday life.

Communication Skills – understanding and using verbal and nonverbal language.

Self-care - undressing, dressing, grooming and feeding one’s self.

Social Skills - sharing, taking turns, making friends, self-regulation and personal space. To help with self-regulation, we have intentionally planned quiet times in the flow of the day and quiet places that support this important developmental goal.

Our classes will be connected to Seesaw. This will be our primary source of communication.

Please ensure you are connected to your child’s Seesaw journal using the Seesaw Family app, as well as to the Seesaw Class app, using your child’s home learning code. Please contact us if you have any questions about this, or need support doing this.

We are all looking forward to a great learning year!

Ms. Anna Taylor

Ms. Nicole Salo

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