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Phys. Ed Overview

September 14, 2023


Robertson School Physical Education Program

Mr. Capizzi - Director of Physical Education

Vision: Physically Active and Healthy Lifestyles for All Students

The goals of the Physical Education program at Robertson School are to develop the well being of the student by challenging the student in a variety of physical activities, with the ultimate goal of skill independence. Students will be encouraged to improve their skills via participation in Physical Education classes, extracurricular and intramural programs with emphasis being placed on the five General Learning Outcomes:

  1. Movement
  2. Fitness Management
  3. Safety
  4. Personal and Social Management
  5. Healthy Lifestyles Practices

Students will demonstrate the basic transport skills, various movement skills, and the functional use of transport and manipulation skills in a variety of sport related games in order to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for a physically active and healthy lifestyle.


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