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Grade 5 & 6 Room 101

October 10, 2023

Grade 5/6 Overview

Dear Families,

Welcome to a new school year of learning and growing at Robertson School! We are Mrs. Tania MacKenzie and Ms. Ashley McLennan. Our classrooms will be working closely together throughout their learning journey.  We are here to guide and encourage critical thinking through inquiry-based learning as students explore all subject areas through the lens of global and local topics of interest. Through inquiry-based learning students will have the freedom to develop and demonstrate learning through individual and small-groups projects and presentations. Student learning will be assessed in a variety of ways including, written tasks and assignments, teacher observations and conferences, creating, and presenting, as well as formal math, reading, and writing assessments as implemented throughout all classrooms at Robertson School. Outdoor education will be used for land based learning opportunities, for all subject areas. Students are to dress for the weather, rain, snow or shine. 

It is our expectation that rooms 101 and 103 will be safe work environments where everyone feels valued, respected, and welcomed. We believe that this environment will foster the growth of a positive self-esteem, encourage independence and risk-taking in learning, and allow students to develop healthy relationships with peers and adults. 

English Language Arts

English Language Arts is integrated into all subject areas. Students will focus on the development of fiction and non-fiction reading comprehension strategies in class and are encouraged to continue practicing these strategies during nightly home reading. To improve writing proficiency, students will participate in the writing process from draft to a published piece through explicit instruction focusing on narrative, persuasive, and information writing. Students will participate in whole-class discussions, independent reading with conferences, read-alouds, novel studies with small-group book talk, creative writing, and quick writes. 


Our goal for the Mathematics program is to allow students to engage in mathematics through exploration, discovery, and solving meaningful problems in a real world context. Mathematics encourages the development of critical thinking, creative thinking, logical thinking, problem solving, data analysis, and collaborative interaction with peers. Our Mathematics program focuses on the development of multiple math strategies in order to solve problems in a variety of ways. Students will improve their speed and accuracy of basic math facts (compatibles, addition, multiplication, and division) by participating in daily math drills. Students will work at vertical whiteboard surfaces in random groups to explore math problems to promote engagement, team-work skills, and academic risk-taking.

Science and Social Studies

Students will explore, investigate, and solve scientific problems through inquiry projects and the design process. Critical thinking skills will be developed through the investigation of Canadian history as well as local and global topics of interest and explore possible solutions through the lens of a democratic citizen.  Students will work as individuals and in group settings to establish essential questions, conduct research, discuss and refine ideas, and share their learning.    


Students line up outside with their classroom at 8:45am and are to leave the school property at 3:25pm. Use Safe Arrival to enter absences otherwise guardians will receive a phone call from the automated system. Contact Robertson School if you are unfamiliar with the system. 


  • Dress for the weather (outdoor learning and recess)
  • Indoor and Outdoor shoes are required
  • Gym clothes to be left at school
  • Reusable water bottle 
  • Communication will take place through Google Classroom and email

1694538620447.pngTania MacKenzie


Nicole Hermann
(teacher filling in until Mrs. MacKenzie’s return)


Ashley McLennan

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