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Music - Mr. Rosner

September 14, 2023

Overview for Music/Performance Classes:

Music: Music is Joy! Students will be exposed to a variety of genres of music, from the old to the new, from local artists to cultures around the world. With these songs, students will work to understand and utilize musical notation and theory. And, of course, we learn to play instruments! Students will use rhythmic and pitched instruments. For example, rhythm sticks, and xylophones for primary grades, and recorders and ukuleles for intermediate grades. 

Choir: For many students, Choir is a favourite class! Held in the MPR room once a six-day-cycle, students will sing songs for a purpose. Whether it is being patriotic and singing “O Canada” for an assembly, or a somber and thoughtful song for Remembrance Day, or a showtune to entertain an audience, students will come to understand and appreciate how useful and important music can be. In Choir classes, students will develop their ability to support and project their voice when singing. As they progress, they will endeavor to match tone and pitch with the group.

Drama: Students will be encouraged explore their own creativity. In the process of self discovery, they will also develop confidence on their abilities to work together and express themselves. Primary students will have fun playing various drama games and learn the art of storytelling. Of course, they will all take turns acting as the stories are told! So much fun! Intermediate students will explore dramatic concepts such as pantomime, tableaux and improvisation. They will also play drama games that will challenge and develop creativity and observation.

School Concerts: Take the Choir, the music classes, and drama classes, put them together and we have a show! This year the primary grades will put on a winter concert (Dec.14th), and the intermediate grades will perform the concert in spring (April 19th). Both will have music, dancing, laughs and maybe even a couple tears! They will both take place in the school gym, and parents/guardians will be notified of the showtimes. I can’t wait to see all of you there!

Mr. Rosner
Music/Performance Teacher Robertson School

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