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January 17, 2023

Grades 5 and 6 students interested to join Robertson School's Safety Patrol Program are trained each year using the CAA School Safety Patrol Training video. They learn about road safety and are trained to perform proper mechanics of patrolling to ensure their safety and the safety of students who cross the street to get to and from the school.

Patrol Times:

Patrols are organized into 3 squads. Their patrol post times are as follows: 

Squad 1 - 8:40 to 8:50

Squad 2 - 11: 50 to 12:00

Squad 3 - 3:20 to 3:35


Patrol Posts:

Patrol Posts are:

  1. Cathedral and Robertson*
  2. Machray and Robertson
  3. Radford and Machray
  4. Bannerman and Robertson*

*only at lunch and dismissal times


Winter Time Patrol Duty:

In winter, patrols do a normal duty schedule up to & including temperatures of -27 windchills. When the weather is colder, they will be outside for considerably shorter times. When windchills are -35 or greater, no patrols will be on duty.

Patrol Recognition: 

Exemplary patrols are recognized at monthly assemblies.   All patrols receive 'special' activities to thank them for their service to the school community's safety, which may include pancake breakfast, a movie afternoon, pizza lunch, hot chocolate, treats on special occasions, and end of the year field trip. Please direct any concerns, comments and/or compliments to Mrs. Severa.

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