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December 30, 2022


Robertson school has approximately 350 students, 70 staff members, an active Parent Council, daily lunch program and a Before and After School Program. We have Life Skills and Autism programs in our building and as an inclusive education school, almost all students in the programs are in regular program. We are partners with our supportive parent community who are an integral part of the students’ educational lives. Robertson School, as an inclusive education school, focuses on building on peoples’ strengths. In this environment, all students develop self worth and are provided with opportunities for meaningful involvement in learning. We work to ensure that every individual feels accepted and valued and safe.



Built at 550 Robertson St. in 1951, Robertson School was originally a fourteen classroom building. A series of additions have seen the school continually growing through the years. An addition in 1953 included another six classroom spaces. Further alterations in 1970 provided a life skills and grooming room plus a resource room.

Additions followed in 1996 which added two classrooms, with a 2003 addition providing a further two portable classrooms. In 2009 the Division undertook the largest expansion of the school yet. The 1,140 square metre addition included a new gymnasium, library, computer lab and autism facility. The 500 square metre renovations include upgrading of the former gym space into a multi-purpose room, kitchen, grooming room, staffroom, staff washroom and administration offices. The total cost of the project including professional fees and furnishings was approximately $4.8 million.

The Province of Manitoba, Public Schools Finance Board was the primary funder. The project also had a major sustainable development component, with a passive solar wall being installed on the upper south side of the new gymnasium.

The solar wall consists of black perforated metal cladding, which collects solar heat in the wall assembly and utilizes it to preheat outside air for ventilation of the new addition. The Federal Government of Canada provided $13,375 in grant funding under the EcoEnergy Renewable Heat program toward the cost of the solar wall. With Calnitsky Associates Architects providing the design and Red Lake Construction serving as contractor, construction commenced in August 2008. The new facilities were ready for occupancy in September 2009, with official opening ceremonies taking place in December 2009.


William Robertson (1721 – 1793)

Robertson School is named for William Robertson (1721 - 1793), the Scottish historian and Presbyterian minister whose writings were the earliest popular histories within their respective fields and were highly esteemed by his contemporaries. He became principal of Edinburgh University in 1762. His concern was for the “dignity of history”.


Built: 1951

• Opened: September 1952

• Sod Turned: August 29, 1951 by H.L. Stevens

• Cornerstone: September 17, 1951 by S.M.


• Official Opening: March 5, 1953 during Education Week

• Contractor: Genn-Walon Construction Co.

• Contract: $205,753 (actual cost $274,410)

• No. of rooms: 14 & general purpose room

Addition: 1953

• Contractor: Peter Leitch Construction Ltd.

• Contract: $79,985 (actual cost $83,623)

• No. of rooms: 6

Addition: 1970

• No. of Rooms: life skills room, grooming room and resource area.

Addition: 1996

• No. of Rooms: 2 classrooms

Addition: 2003

• No. of Rooms: 2 portable classrooms

Addition: 2009

• Official opening: Dec. 10, 2009

• Construction: Red Lake Construction

• Cost: $4.8 million

• No. of Rooms: new gymnasium, library, computer lab, autism facility and solar heating wall.

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