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N-K Room 147

September 11, 2023

Room 147 Overview

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

My name is Midge MacDonald and I will be your child’s teacher in room 147! I am presenting to you an overview of what to expect for your child this 2023-2034 school year at Robertson School!


Communication of upcoming events and notices will be seen through your child’s Seesaw Account. Paper Login and QR codes will be sent home as soon as they are ready. Printed communication and forms will also periodically be sent home in your student’s backpack. For urgent communication please expect phone calls.  Please do not hesitate to call, write or come in to see me if you have any questions or concerns. 

Assessment and Evaluation:

Assessment will be an ongoing process throughout the school year. Your child’s progress will be monitored in a variety of ways such as through: phonics, writing and math assessments, daily classroom work, discussion contributions, written and oral explanations, class participation and teacher observation. 

Subject Overview:
(Please note programming is catered to your child’s individual needs)

Language Arts:

-Daily literacy circles which include activities such as phonics work, daily read aloud and discussions over the books we share together. Later in the year we will be looking at predictive sentences, nursery rhymes and early reading books. 

-Writing activities to build letter and sight word fluency

-Drawing with detail and working on fine motor skills using a variety of writing tools. 


-Number sense- students will be able to represent and describe whole number using pictures and symbols

-Basic operations of math practise (addition, subtraction)

-Mental math including learning how to describe how they got their answer and application of math strategies using manipulatives to help show understanding.

-Identifying and extending patterns

-Analysing 3D and 2D shapes in math and the world around us

-Using counters, shapes and games to make learning fun and engaging


We will be studying science through the use of inquiry and exploration. Assignments may include discussions,  experiments and pretend play.

Social Studies:

We will be discussing topics related to community, Canada, what it means to be a Canadian and what it means to be a citizen. Social studies topics will be discussed as a group, and include possible field trips and having experts talk to the classroom. Social studies may be part of the inquiry journey through mapping and citizenship.

Thank-you for your support in your child’s learning experience! I look forward to teaching and learning with your child.

-Ms. MacDonald
Room 147

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