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Room 209 - Grade 5/6

November 21, 2022

Welcome to Room 209!  My name is Mr. Clearwater and this year I will be teaching Grade 3/4 at Champlain School!

I am so excited to have a classroom full of students again. These past two years have been a whirlwind for all of us, but I am looking forward to having a wonderful year with the students.

This year it is required that all students are wearing a mask while in school.  All adults are required to wear a mask while in school as well.

Due to this, we ask that families provide two masks each day for students to use. This way if one gets wet or dirty, students have the option to switch out their mask without any troubles. If for some reason, a student has forgotten or does not have a mask, the school is able to provide students a mask to use.

This year, we have started out with practicing our proper safety measures including handwashing and social distancing. I am so proud of Room 209 for their abiilty to adjust to these changes in the daily routines.

We will continue to practice our line order as the weeks go by. I am confident that Room 209 will begin to develop routines quickly with practice, especially since this is their first time being on the intermediate side of the school.

Our first activity was to create a mask that displayed a little information about each student. That way people can get to know who is behind the masks that we are wearing.

Room 209 Overview

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