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Room 215 - Grade 3

November 21, 2022

Welcome to Room 215! 

We have been busy building a caring learning community that starts with making sure everyone belongs. Students have been working together to explore the different rights children have as well as the different responsibilities we have when we belong to a group. This has led to our first social studies project - making a Welcome to Canada poster that tells people about our rights and responsibilities as Canadians. Room 215 is also busy in the world of science learning about materials and structures. We were surprised to learn that paper straws are stronger than plastic straws and wooden stir sticks. We are currently testing bridges to see which designs are the strongest. In the world of math, we have been busy learning all about patterns. Right now we are working on writing pattern stories and pattern rules for increasing and decreasing patterns. Finally, the students in Room 215 have been writing wonderful true stories full of details and juicy words that create a vivid picture in the mind of the reader! 

This year, we may be moving online for some of our learning. We need to remember our school’s three expectations even when distance learning: Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Ready to Learn. 

Be Safe:

When online, do not share information about yourself or your classmates with strangers. Do not share your login information with strangers. 

Be Responsible:

Make sure your assignments are handed in on time. 

Be Ready to Learn:

Keep up with all online assignments. The best way to learn is to do your work everyday.

Room 215 Program Overview 2022-2023.pdf

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