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Room 214 - Grade 1

November 21, 2022

Welcome to Room 214!

Hello! My name is Ms Rempel, and I am so excited to be welcoming your child to room 214. Room 214 is a grade 1/2 classroom. 

Every day is an opportunity to learn something new so in Room 214 we will take each day in stride with the goal of having an excellent school year. In Room 214 every student is unique, and I hope to take our unique abilities and create a positive classroom environment.

Classroom Expectations

Our classroom expectations include being respectful, responsible and ready to learn. This can be done by social distancing, washing our hands, listening with our ears and bodies, using our walking feet, raising our hands, and using kind words.

English Language Arts

Literacy is a large building block in your child's education. Thankfully, we have several literacy programs available to help your child reach their full potential. Students will receive daily literacy activities and lessons through the Read to Me program. In addition, students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge through writer's workshop and literacy based online activities.


In Room 214 students will strengthen their mathematical knowledge through daily lessons and activities which will take place in class and weekly online. The main topics of focus this year is: numeracy, patterns, shapes and space and statistics and probability.


In science we will be learning about a range of topics that help us learn about the world around us and how we as humans interact with it. We will be learning about daily and seasonal changes, our 5 senses, objects and materials, as well as solids, liquids and gases.

Social Studies

This year in Social Studies we will be learning all about the various aspects of our community, where we belong in our community, the members of our community as well as other local communities and the environment we all live in. We will also be learning about the 7 teachings: Humility, Bravery, Honesty, Wisdom, Truth, Respect, and Love.


In Room 214 we have mindfulness to help us transition from lunch to being ready to learn. We use the Zones of Regulation (green, yellow, blue, and red) to talk and assist us in finding ways to prepare us to learn. For example: calm visuals to relax our minds, breathing or stretching to calm our bodies, stretching, etc. Focusing our minds and bodies will help us be the best learners that we can be.

If Expectations Are Not Met

If students are having difficulty meeting classroom expectations, they will be given verbal and visual reminders. Students will be encouraged to use mindfulness strategies to refocus their learning. If they fail to make a better choice the student will make up class time during alternate choice activities. If this continues or a major concern arises a plan will be created to support your child.


I will use multiple assessment strategies. For example: Student work, observation, conversation, as well as divisional assessments such as Running Records, Words Their Way, etc.

Contact Information

Feel free to call the school at (204) 586-5139 to speak to me over the phone. You may also email me at

Lets have a wonderful school year!

Program Overview 214 2022-2023.pdf

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