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Room 213 - Grade 2/3

November 21, 2022

Welcome to Room 213! 

Room 213 is a grade 2/3 classroom. We have been focusing on building a community of learners where everyone belongs and is celebrated for who they are.

Read to Me 

Each day students participate in our Read to Me program. Students will be grouped based on academic needs and given focused small-group instruction. We will also incorporate technology to further our reading and comprehension.


Students have been practicing and developing their writing skills daily. We have been reviewing the steps of writing and will soon be focusing on how to write strong sentences. As we continue writer's workshop students will learn how to further plan, revise and edit their work before publishing final pieces.


We are starting by reviewing the number sequence through activities including skip counting and comparing numbers. Soon we will start number talks which will be a big theme throughout the year.  Students will learn from each other and have opportunities to come up and teach the class their strategy and thought process. 


We are starting the year with our unit on "Propertiets of Solids, Liquids and Gases". Students will learn about and explore the states of matter, changes of state, and properties of matter. 

Social Studies

We are starting the year by learning about our local community -- St. John's.  Then we will transition into learning about communities in Canada and finally the Canadian community as a whole.


Students will have many opportunities to engage in hands-on projects that tie together science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. They will build their problem-solving skills as we celebrate our creativity.


In Room 213 we have mindful moments to help us transiton between activities. We use the Zones of Regulation (green, yellow, blue, and red) and talk about strategies to help us get back to green and ready to learn. Activities include calming visuals, listening to guided meditations, deep breathing and calming movements. Taking care of our minds is just as important as taking care of our bodies!

Classroom Expectations

There is an expectation for students to display respect towards one another.  Our classroom is a community and students have developed a Room 213 Agreement based on Champlain's three beliefs: be safe, be respectful and be ready to learn. Our classroom agreement helps us ensure that our classroom is a safe and friendly environment.

Thank you for checking out our classroom page!

2022-23 Program Overview- KHusarewycz.pdf

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