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Développement individuel et physique - French Milieu

December 6, 2021

Éducation physique

Education physique 10F - PHEF 1F

Physical Education offers a cyclical program which teaches general knowledge of a variety of sports. Throughout a student’s grade 7 - 12 experience at Churchill they will learn the basic components of sports such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, football, badminton, floor hockey, soft lacrosse, track and field events, rugby and softball. In addition to this, field trips recognizing the importance of outdoor education are dispersed throughout the year for the various grades.

In an attempt to promote fitness and health all students are encouraged to participate in all activities. The purpose of the Physical Education program is, therefore, not to promote elitism, but to promote participation and encourage the necessity of fitness for all levels.

Family studies incorporates several components of family and social issues. Family issues like divorce, separation and blended families are discussed. Personal identity and safety units include topics of eating disorders, aggressiveness versus assertiveness and friendship. A component of sex education is an option which at different levels discusses reproduction, female and male anatomy, venereal diseases as well as AIDS education and prevention. Basic personal health as well as mental health is also discussed.

Evaluation: The course is evaluated on a daily 5 point rubric which is based on the following criteria: being on time for class, changing into proper gym attire, participating to the fullest ability throughout the class, having @ good attitude and treating yourself and others with respect. A portion of the evaluation is also based on the skill development through practice and participation in the health lessons.

Education physique 20F - PHEF 2F

Classes are co-educational. Instruction varies between team sports and lifetime activities. Many activities such as table tennis, wrestling, golf, aerobics, Lacrosse, bowling, curling, etc. are offered at facilities outside the school.
Evaluation: Same as grade 9 Physical Education. Students are graded on a daily basis (1-5) based upon the cognitive, affective and physical domains found in physical education.

Education physique 30F - PHEF 3F & 40F - PHEF 4F

These courses are designed to help youth take greater ownership of their own physical fitness, to encourage them to seek out activities that interest them and to engage them in active lifestyles. Students will study topics related to fitness management, mental health, substance use and abuse prevention and the social impact of sport. The focus of this content wil! be on health and personal planning. Students will develop a personal physical activity plan and be introduced to safety and risk management planning.

Students will be required to submit a personal fitness portfolio containing elements such as a fitness plan, physical activity log or journal entries.

Evaluation: The 30S course will be based on a 50/50 system meaning half the course (55 hours of physical activity) must be completed outside of school. The 40S course is a 75/25 system, therefore students must complete 80 hours on their own. The main goal of the course is to promote life-long activity, health and wellness. Students will be graded for completion of the course with a Complete or Incomplete designation.

Éducation en plein air


Leadership 41G - LEFY 4G (SIC)

Students will develop individual and team leadership skills through the participation in organized activities. The students will organize and perform worthwhile projects both in the school and in the community.

Our Leaders are ready to help!  If you would like a tutor during the school day, visit the leadership room during one of the slots as listed on the calendar.

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